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SLAP tear : Nemesis of throwing athlete

With increasing popularity of cricket in India more and more patients need orthopaedic advice regarding shoulder problems. Most common complaint of this group is difficulty in throwing . Onset is usually insidious. It starts with mild ache and discomfort generally taken casually. The speed and accuracy of throw starts falling gradually and finally ends with ‘dead arm’.

Studied extensively in baseball pitchers , the pathology is a tear in the superior labrum leading to partial detachment of long head of biceps ( Type 2 SLAP tear).

SLAP = Superior Labral Anterior to Posterior tear.

Why this happens in throwing shoulder :

With repeated throwing the posterior capsule of shoulder gets thickened and inelastic. This starts pushing the humeral head superiorly during abduction and external rotation ( throwing position of shoulder). It leads to shearing stress on superior labrum with every throwing action ultimately causing SLAP .

How to diagnose :

SLAP is till now considered an arthroscopic diagnosis because there is no specific clinical diagnostic test for it and MRI reporting for shoulder is still evolving at most centers. With careful history, thorough examination, high index of suspicion and good interaction between the surgeon and radiologist we can give our patients an accurate diagnosis and hence prognosis.

First Arthroscopic SLAP repair at BLK (B L Kapoor, Pusa Road):

We had a 24 year old cricket player with pain Rt shoulder for last few months. The pain was so much that he in fact was planning to to quit the game. MRI was not conclusive. Arthroscopic examination revealed a type 2 tear and lax biceps tendon.

We repaired the tear with two suture anchors , one anterior and one posterior to biceps tendon. We used antero- inferior, antero- superior and posterior portals. Patient is already doing muscle strengthening exercises at three weeks post op.

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