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Polio Hospital in Ludhiana Punjab

Millions of people are suffering from Post Polio Deformities. These deformities can be corrected by famous Ilizarov method of surgery. The latest trend is to use SUV - advanced software based HEXAPOD FRAME to treat polio and CP.The patients are psychologically motivated and they become friendly with the apparatus.

Common deformities in Polio patients and benefits of correction

  • People walking with hands on their thigh - If they don't keep the hand on their thigh, they fall down. After ILIZAROV treatment they can walk without hand on their thigh and without Calipers
  • People with shortened polio-tic limbs - The shortened limb can be lengthened.
  • People with their heels lifted from the ground while walking - After treatment heels start touching the ground and patient can walk for longer distances with less energy.
  • Hanging Limb - Many patients who haven't touched the ground while walking, can walk on the concerned limb.
  • Deformed and small feet can also be corrected with ILIZAROV.
  • Lurch (Jhatka) while walking. After operation, this can also be corrected.
  • Some patients have thin leg, which can be shaped or their girth can be increased.
  • The circulation of blood is increased after operation in the involved limb. The girth of leg also improves.
  • Most patients can get rid of Calipers and sticks.
  • Some patients who have frequent falls prior to surgery, can also be well managed.

Polio results in criplling deformities of lower limbs over the years. Dr Anil Mittal has improvised many operations to improve the results of following problems eg.

  • Club foot
  • Straight foot
  • Shortening of leg
  • Walking disoder( Hand to knee gait)
  • Weak and short leg
  • Hip instability

Dr Anil Mittal is one of the best doctors for Polio Corrective Surgeries in Ludhiana Punjab and Mittal Nursing Home is one of the best hospital for Polio Treatment/ Polio Surgery in Punjab.

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